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5th Annual Gazette's Halloween Parade

Date and Time: 
Sat, 10/29/2011 - 5:00pm

Downtown Oklahoma City



The annual Halloween Parade is turning 5! Zombie Walk OKC has been there from the beginning, and WE'RE GOING BIG THIS YEAR! We need all available zombies to come join our entry to make this the largest, scariest undead swarm to ever lurch through Oklahoma's streets.

It is a free event! Grab your friends, throw on some gore and makeup, and come join the fun.

facebook RSVP page:

(RSVP isn't necessary but helps us have a better estimate of how many people to expect.)


The usual rules apply...."You may be dead, but don't be a jerk." Plus there are some parade specific ones:

1. You MUST be 18+ to walk in the parade. (Minors are encouraged to go be spectators)
2. No weapons or simulated weapons.
3. No throwing items to the crowd. (We will have a group of volunteers HANDING candy to the kids though)


The Gazette's Annual Halloween Parade normally features close to 100 entries and boasts crowds of 50000+ spectators. It's one of the most exciting celebrations of art and creativity in the region.

This will be the parade's 5th year. Zombie Walk OKC has had an entry in it every year, and continues to grow each time. Last year, we had about 200 zombies and won our second trophy. This year we're shooting for an even larger turn out.

Official gazette parade website:


1. The route has changed...sort of...It's the same route as the previous few years, but going the other direction.

2. We'll have a shiny new 9ft wide banner at the front of our group with a 3ft brain on the back for us to follow.

3. There isn't a flaming lips skeleton army this year, which leads to...

4. We've teamed up with (this year's big headlining entry) to work towards forming a mega swarm of zombies in the grand finale position formerly held by the skeletons.


We'll be meeting somewhere around the field between NW 3rd St and NW 4th St east of EK Gaylord Blvd.

ZWOKC Flyer Map:

Official Parade Map:

After Party

SAINTS (1715 NW 16th St)
Featuring performances by Zombie vs. Shark and FRMR